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Divorce Financial Solutions

Divorce is one of the hardest life experiences that we can face. For many, it brings with it not only emotional challenges, but financial difficulties.  Money is not just money:  it often has emotional meaning for people, especially when they are going through divorce.  Getting information and financial advice, early in the process, can help you meet the challenges of divorce with more confidence and dignity than might otherwise be the case.

The financial ramifications of divorce can be devastating.  But, with proper planning, understanding the issues and implications, you and your spouse can increase the chance of reaching an equitable settlement that works to meet the short and longer term financial needs of you both - and those of your family.

BEFORE the Divorce:

If you are contemplating a divorce or would simply like to understand the financial impact before taking any action you should consider calling us. For some, understanding the long-term financial impact may result in deciding that a divorce is not beneficial for the individual or the family. We can provide insight through detailed and comprehensive analysis that will enable you to effectively "weigh your options".  If you suspect that your spouse is considering a divorce you may wish to begin evaluating solutions before you receive formal notification. Some of the Services we provide before the divorce process include:

·             Explore, clarify and prioritize your goals

·             Conduct a life-style analysis to document your marital standard of living

·             Assist in developing post-divorce budget options

·             Compile an inventory of personal property

·             Valuation of pension plans, real estate and business interests

·             Review tax returns and financial statements

·             Prepare statements of net worth

·             Estimate career training costs and the timing of those costs

·             Estimate you children's college and education costs

·             Determine your financial needs post-divorce and into retirement

Some of the Benefits include:

·             You take control of the divorce process

·             You gain a clear understanding of your current and future financial picture

·             You have clear and objective information with which to make informed decisions

·             You identify all the assets before the divorce process begins and reduce the chance that assets will be missed

·             Early planning can help in maximizing your settlement options

·             Your stress level is reduced as you know your options and can devote your time and energy to the negotiation process

DURING the Divorce:

What's often missing in the divorce process is objective  financial expertise supported by comprehensive and accurate information. We can project the long-term effects of the settlement so that both partners have a clearer view of their financial futures. Only then can they approach a settlement that fully addresses the financial needs and capabilities of each. Once the decision to move forward with the divorce has been made there are many questions such as:

·             Who should keep the house?

·             How much will it cost to live post divorce?

·             How much alimony is there going to be and for how long?

·             Will the custody arrangement affect child support?

·             How can the retirement accounts be split and the money accessed?

·             How can a business be offset?

·             Should a business be valued?

·             What is the value of health care benefits?

Most important of all, will you be able to financially survive (and thrive) with the settlement post divorce? These and other questions must be answered and worked through in an organized manner. Only with accurate and complete financial information can these issues be properly addressed. Some of the Services we provide during the divorce process include:

·             Alimony and child support calculations

·             Calculate the value of marital versus separate property

·             Assist in developing post-divorce budget options

·             Help you to understand the tax implications of a proposed settlement

·             Valuation and division of pensions and other retirement assets

·             Develop strategies and alternative settlement scenarios and projections

·             Analyze the cash flow and net worth impact of various scenarios for 10 to 30 years forward

·             Calculate appropriate levels of life insurance to guarantee support payments

·             Serve as expert witness and prepare exhibits for trial

·             Draft and review Qualified Domestic Relations Order(s) under the direction of your attorney

Some of the Benefits include:

·             Ensuring that any proposed settlement will provide the cash flow you need for you and your children

·             Help you to properly evaluate and negotiate settlement proposals based on your future goals

·             Maximize your net worth by minimizing taxes

·             Ensure that QDROs and other documents are completed properly and filed appropriately

·             Avoiding costly financial mistakes

SERVICES for Attorneys:

We support attorneys and act as a valuable resource, becoming in effect the “CFO” of the divorce case. This can mean taking care of all the financial details, including gathering the financial information, "crunching the numbers" and providing powerful case exhibits in the form of spreadsheets and charts. This can greatly simplify things for you the attorney, freeing up your time to focus on the legal aspects of the case and reducing liability by providing detailed and comprehensive financial research and information. We can help your clients to understand the financial reality of the situation and work towards a viable settlement. Specifically we can:

·             Gather and organize financial data and keep a comprehensive document inventory

·             Prepare asset division scenarios and settlement analysis to compare alternatives, project net worth and cash flow

·             Establish separate property claims

·             Perform lifestyle and spending analysis

·             Gather and review information for verified statements

·             Trace stock option awards and categorize for past or future performance

·             Calculate the present value of assets, lump sum payments or future income streams

·             Perform post-divorce personal budgeting

·             Determine and report hidden assets and unreported income

·             Confirm asset and liability balances

·             Provide expert testimony when necessary

·             Structure settlement payments for optimal tax treatment

·             Analyze business finances to establish “real” cash flow

·             Perform analysis and calculations for "Postema" claims.You will benefit from easier case preparation as we do the financial work for you. You decide how much involvement you want in the financial process. We respect the legal process and value the relationships we have developed with attorneys. We provide support to you and all information requests and communications are directed through you. We do not give legal advice and always refer our clients to attorney if they do not already have one.